Jurnal Sistim Informasi dan Teknologi 2021-06-30T00:00:00SE Asia Daylight Time Prof. Dr. Jufriadif Na'am Open Journal Systems Sistem Pakar Metode Forward Chaining untuk Mengukur Keparahan Penyakit Gigi dan Mulut 2020-10-19T09:20:53SE Asia Daylight Time Ilham Roni Yansyah Sumijan Sumijan <p>Teeth and mouth are parts of the body that cannot be separated, where the teeth are in the oral cavity so that if there is interference with the teeth it will affect the mouth. Knowledge to recognize dental and oral diseases from an early age is very much needed to be able to maintain healthy teeth and mouth. Lack of knowledge about these oral and dental diseases will result in severe damage to teeth and mouth. This study aims to measure the severity of oral disease and provide a diagnosis of oral and dental disease so that later it can be used as a reference for consultation with a doctor. The method used in this research is Forward Chaining to represent the rules of 27 symptom facts and 8 diseases described by experts. The results of testing for this method are as many as 10 patient data were diagnosed to get the same result as the doctor's analysis so that the accuracy rate is 80%. The expert system designed with the Codeigniter Framework can provide insight by being able to identify the disease suffered by patients and measure the severity of the oral and dental disease suffered.</p> 2021-06-30T00:00:00SE Asia Daylight Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sistem Pakar Menggunakan Metode Certainty Factor dalam Identifikasi Pengembangan Minat dan Bakat Khusus pada Siswa 2020-10-20T08:07:35SE Asia Daylight Time Nandra Sunaryo Yuhandri Yunus Sumijan Sumijan <p>Identification of the development of special interests and talents needs to be done in order to find out the potential of students. This knowledge is needed by the teacher when providing counseling guidance to students in order to know the types of special interests and talents of students. This study aims to identify the development of special interests and talents in students based on the characteristics of special interests and talents appropriately. In this study using the Certainty Factor method where this expert system can assist experts in identifying the development of special interests and talents based on the characteristics of special interests and talents in students. Followed by calculating the level of accuracy with the results of the counseling guidance teacher analysis. The results of the testing of the Certainty Factor method were successfully applied by comparing the data with the system that had been designed so that a good level of accuracy was obtained from the results of the system calculations with expert decisions of 80% of the 5 test data. This expert system application can be used as an alternative in identifying the development of special interests and talents in students.</p> 2021-06-30T00:00:00SE Asia Daylight Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## Meningkatkan Keamanan Web Menggunakan Algoritma Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Terhadap Seragan Cross Site Scripting 2020-10-20T08:03:54SE Asia Daylight Time Yendi Putra Yuhandri Yunus Sumijan Sumijan <p>In the millennial era, the internet has become a very basic need to support community activities in various fields, one of which is education. SMK Maritim Nusantara in supporting the learning process uses a web-based application called e-learning which is used by teachers and students. The school website has several documents in digital form that must be kept confidential, such as student data, teacher data, student grades. After scanning using the Acunetix WVS 10.5 application, information was obtained about the security holes found on the website, with the results of which there were 8 (eight) attacks with details, 2 (two). ) a hight category with the name Cross site scripting (XSS) attack, 4 (four) medium categories with the name HTML form attack without CSRF protection and 2 (two) low categories with the name Password type input attack with auto-complete enabled. The most dangerous attack category / hight is XSS. XSS attack is an attack that inserts malicious code in the form of javascript through an input form that aims to steal cookies and then uses the cookie to enter the web legally so that data can be manipulated and even deleted. For this reason, a strong system is needed to maintain security, confidentiality of school data, one way that can be used is by implementing the Standard Advance Encryption Algorithm (AES), this algorithm has a high level of security and uses little memory in its operation so that it does not burdensome to process and easy to implement. The results of research conducted by applying the AES Algorithm explain that previously there were 2 (two) high category vulnerabilities called XSS attacks, after the implementation of the AES Algorithm, the XSS attack vulnerability was no longer found. Based on the results obtained in the study, it can be concluded that the implementation of the AES Algorithm in tokens can improve the security of the website from XSS attacks.</p> 2021-06-30T00:00:00SE Asia Daylight Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sistem Pakar Menggunakan Metode Certainty Factor dalam Akurasi Identifikasi Penyakit pada Paru 2020-10-20T08:14:34SE Asia Daylight Time Ayu Prima Siska Yuhandri Yunus Sumijan Sumijan <p>Lungs are a very importand part of the human organ, which functions as a place for oxygen &nbsp;exchange. This organ that is located under the ribs has a very heavy task, as well as the pollution of the air we breathe everyday which will cause various diseases in the lungs. Lung disease is a disease that is common to everyone, and there are still many who are less concemed with lung healty, so that is causes many indications of lung diseas. Expert &nbsp;system is a system that uses human knowledge recorded in a computer to solve a problem. The purpose og this study was to datermine the accuracy of disease identification in the lungs using the Certainty Factor method. The date obtained is datae about the symptoms that prove wherher a person has lung disease or not and conduct an analysis of the date, so that later conclusions can be abtained from the facts found using an expert system of the Certianty Factor method. The date obtained is date about the sympyoms thet prove whethera person has lung as a problem solving metric which is a parameter value to show the amount of trust. The result of the research from an expert system on pulmonary disease with pulmonary &nbsp;tuberkolosis (TBC) with a certainty level &nbsp;og 68%. Expert system on lung disease using the Certainty Factor method can make it easien for sufferes to know and handle prevention and handling.</p> 2020-06-30T00:00:00SE Asia Daylight Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## Comparison of Priority Areas and Rehabilitation Risk Areas for Post Disaster by K-Means Method 2020-10-25T20:30:01SE Asia Standard Time Arif Budiman Sarjon Defit Yuhandri Yunus <p>Among the inhibiting factors for rehabilitation in Padang City is the absence of an assessment of priority areas and rehabilitation risk areas. This study aims to classify these factors into three clusters and the method used in this study was K-Means method. Disaster average data from 2017 until 2019 as well as data on rehabilitation efforts are used in this method. The results achieved indicate that the rehabilitation efforts carried out have not been evenly distributed in the areas prioritized for rehabilitation. This result can also be an input for the Regional Disaster Management Agency of Padang City in mapping and rehabilitating post-disaster areas and evaluating previous rehabilitation efforts.</p> <p>Keywords: &nbsp; cluster, k-means, priority, rehabilitation, risk</p> 2021-06-30T00:00:00SE Asia Daylight Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sistem Pakar dalam Mengidentifikasi Minat Vokasi Menggunakan Metode Certainty Factor dan Forward Chaining 2020-10-25T11:45:53SE Asia Standard Time Jefdy Kurniawan Sarjon Defit Yuhandri Yunus <p>Developing an expert system application in providing an overview of the interests of students to help decision making interests in the vocational field so that they are right on target in choosing a major. In this study, using the Certainty Factor method and the Fordward Chaining method where this expert system can help experts identify vocational interests based on the characteristics of vocational interest in students. The personality types used to determine the type of vocational interest are Tangible, Thinking, Flexible, and Entrepreneur. The results of system calculations with expert decisions are worth 80% of the 4 test data, so a good level of accuracy is obtained. The resulting expert system can help students quickly provide an overview of vocational interest in making department decisions in continuing higher education, can carry out online consultations, document files, and can be used as a consultation portal for students.</p> 2021-06-30T00:00:00SE Asia Daylight Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## Rancang Bangun Alat Penampung Buku Berbasis Arduino pada Sistem Pengembalian Buku Layanan Mandiri 2021-02-14T13:55:35SE Asia Standard Time Emil Naf'an <p>This study aims to design and create a book container in a self-service book return system at the Andalusia Library &amp; Knowledge Center UPI "YPTK" Padang. Currently, the self-service book return system is carried out through a book drop machine. This book container is designed to complement the book drop machine. The returned book is inserted into the slanted gap so that it can slide into the book container. When the book container is empty, the base is at the upper limit position. If a book is entered, the base will automatically drop according to the thickness of the book. And so on, until it is full and the buzzer is active. Thus, it is hoped that book damage can be prevented due to the book falling too far down. The system is designed using ultrasonic sensors to detect upper and lower limits, a DC motor to move the base down according to the thickness of the book. After testing, the book container works well and is able to withstand loads of up to 22 kg with the number of books between 30 and 50 depending on the size of the book. The DC motor is able to move the book container when the load is maximum. The sensor can detect the thickness of the book, the upper and lower limits and the buzzer can activate when the book is full. Thus, this tool can be used to support the book drop in the self-service book return system.</p> 2021-02-14T00:00:00SE Asia Standard Time ##submission.copyrightStatement##